Parham Tracks and Lanes

Survey of Rights of Way: Footpaths and Bridleways in the Parish

By Paul Briscoe, Feb to Jun 1999


There are 17 footpaths and 2 bridleways in the parish. The total length of all these is 20.926km or 13.079 miles. The shortest path is 0.230km and the longest 2.104km.

All rights of way are shown on the map that forms the basis of this survey. All paths have been walked and photographs from the parish boundary towards Parham have been included; for some paths this was of course not possible. The signposting of the paths was very good with only a handful of signs are missing or damaged. All paths were passable, free of obstructions and gave good access to all parts of the parish.

Notes in numerical order of all 19 Rights of Way.

Footpath No.1 - 1.326km/ 0.823mi.
Starts from Framlingham to Wickham Market Rd B1116 by Parham Old Hall, up drive through orchard/garden of Old Hall, out onto field due West turning right at edge of field/ditch until you reach metal post where you meet...

Footpath No.2 - 2.104km/ 1.307mi.
Again starts at B1116 Rd. opposite bus-shelter up steps, through garden then rising up slope to reach top of valley overlooking Parham village and Greens in far distance. After meeting up with FP.No.1 turn sharp right towards small copse and eventually Sally's Grove, Fourteen Acre Wood and the Easton parish boundary.

Footpath No.3 - 1.275km/ 0.792mi.
Starts from By-Road C2217 just north of the old Gate-house and small river-bridge, then runs up to the corner of Parham Wood, along its southern edge and then down to the old disused railway line crossing FP.No.5 going down to the small foot-bridge over the River Ore then through the garden of a thatched cottage to the main B1116 Rd.

Footpath No.4 - 0.956km/ 0.594mi.
Go up the steps of the old railway cutting. At the top of the field head for the corner of Parham Wood (this section is not marked on either end). Once on the track that runs around the wood, go up the eastern side of the wood to meet the East-West track and telegraph poles where you meet three other footpaths.

Footpath No.5 - 1.046km/ 0.650mi.
This path starts on the C240 Rd. to North Green and Cransford from a sign by the wall of Whitehouse Farm. Go along Brick Kiln Lane until you emerge from the 'hedge-tunnel' then turn sharp left to immediately reach the old railway track. Turn right, follow the old line through the cutting and embankment and past a newly created fish-pond to the intersection with FP.No.3 (Note: A sign post would he helpful as you emerge from the 'tunnel', especially when coming from the Framlingham direction)

Footpath No. 6 - 1.046km/ 0.650mi.
Again starting from By-Road No.C2217 go along the path towards Parham House then follow the sign below the house and leading up and parallel to Parham Wood go up the incline to the intersection with paths 4, 7 and 8.

Footpath No.7 - 0.625km/ 0.388mi.
Continues on in same direction as FP.No.6 after the intersection to meet Cransford Rd C240 at Shaftos Cottage.

Footpath No.8 - 1.046km/ 0.650mi.
Starts at the junction of the previous path and follows the wide track northwards as far as the small pond in a clump of trees. Turn left after the pond and follow the field edge to Home Farm buildings and No.18 Bridleway.

Foot-path No.9 - 0.803km/ 0.499mi.
Starts from Bridleway No.18 on the corner of Gullwood Walk. Go a short way due South along the 'Gull' stream, often dry, then the path rises up towards the Framlingham parish boundary on its way to Edward's Farm.

Footpath No.10 - 0.854km/ 0.530mi.
Leave Bridleway No.18 from Framlingham soon after it has come down the side of the field first field in Parham. The path now follows the 'Gull' stream and after the new plantation of trees goes through the 'Gull' wood turning twice left then right having crossed the bridge before going up the hill to North Green Cottages on the brow of the hill.

Bridleway No.11 - 1.071km/ 0.665mi. (0.931km/ 0.578mi. old BW)
From Parham North Green to Gt. Glemham. Starts at Elm Farm house, through yards, turns right along field track until cross-field path and alternative permissive path used in the last 20 years and marked by Suffolk C.C. Cross-field path is not believed to have been used in the last few decades.

Footpath No.12 - 0.982km/ 0.610mi.
From Mill Green to Gt. Glemham. Go along Park Farm drive and turn left before getting to yards. Then follow very wide and well surfaced track to Parish boundary and onwards.

Footpath No.13 - 0.434km/ 0.270mi.
Starts opposite FP.No.12, over stile down to the valley with another stile and up the next field to meet the Cransford Rd. C240 near Shafto's Cottage.

Footpath No.14 - 1.173km/ 0.728mi.
Starts near the Silverlace Green corner of 'Rachel's Wood'. Goes along the side of the wood then along the cross-field path to Crabbs Farm and the Parish boundary with Gt. Glemham.

Footpath No.15 - 0.599km/ 0.372mi.
This 'By Road' linking the C240 Cransford Rd. with Mill Green has a Rd. No: 2215. It is called Hollow Lane, probably because it runs in a deep cutting that has in the past been a fordable stream. It is now only sometimes subject to flooding.

Footpath No.16 - 1.543km/ 0.958mi.
Starts from C242 Rd. to Marlesford by ex American wartime airfield water tower off Silverlace Green. Go down the farm drive to the crossing with FP.No.17 leading to Parham Moat Hall. From this crossing it leads down to the Parish boundary with Hacheston where a footbridge crosses the River Ore.

Footpath No.17 - 1.798km/ 1.117mi.
This path starts at St. Mary's Church, Parham, then crosses the meadow to a gate. Then the path rises quite sharply, up a steep slope where Moat Hall soon comes into view. Pass the Hall on left, along the moat. Turn right over a stile and then continue on the farm drive due south-east towards the Marlesford parish boundary.

Bridleway No.18 - 2.015km/ 1.251mi.
Bridleway from Framlingham to North Green and then connecting to BW. No.11 to Gt.Glemham. Coming from Framlingham this bridleway enters our Parish to the North side of St. John's Grove copse. It then goes down towards the 'Gull' watercourse taking a right turn and following the line of the 'Gull Wood'. It then turns right running up the hill through Home Farm yards towards its end on North Green and the C240 Cransford Rd.

Footpath No.19 - 0.230km/ 0.143mi.
A short footpath from St. Mary's Church through the two riverside meadows and crossing the river Ore to end at the B1116 main road.