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Bob Briscoe

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Robert John Briscoe
date of birth
5th March 1962
native English, passable French & a little German
health, family 
good health, happily married, children all left home

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home address
Home Farm, Parham, Woodbridge 
Suffolk, IP13 9NW, England

+44 (0)7718 902848

Professional Reputation
  • 3 IETF standardization groups have developed from my research: Low Latency Low Loss Scalable Throughput (L4S; 2016-...), Congestion Exposure (ConEx; 2010-16) & Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN; 2007-12);
  • Convenor and first Chair of the Security Expert Group of the ETSI Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Industry Specification Group (ISG);
  • 70 invited talks in international fora over the last 15 years, including 21 keynotes and 6 expert panels.
  • Initiated & directed CRN (Comms Research Network ) - partnership between Cambridge Uni, MIT & industry;
  • Incubated Qariba, a start-up based on my research (2000-3), then absorbed into BT's broadband service;
  • Helped initiate various workshop series, e.g. EU FP7 Eiffel Future Internet support action, the ACM ReArch workshops, the ACM Capacity Sharing workshops;
  • Reviewer for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Wiley, ACM SIGCOMM Computer Comms Review, etc.
  • Special award for most patents filed (48) in BT's history (2013) (subsequently reached 50);
  • Initiated the Trilogy Project (with Philip Eardley), which won the European Future Internet Award for its outstanding contribution to the Internet architecture and protocols (2011);
  • BT's Gordon Radley Award for Best Author of Innovation (2007) & (2008)
  • BT's Sir Alan Rudge Award for Innovation (Medal winner 2001)
Selected publications in the fields of Internet architecture, loosely coupled distributed systems, comms performance, virtualisation, traffic control, group security, protocol evolution and the economic structure of communications markets:
  • PI2: A Linearized AQM for both Classic and Scalable TCP, Koen De Schepper, Olga Bondarenko, Ing-Jyh Tsang, Bob Briscoe, In: Proc. ACM CoNEXT 2016 pp.105-119 (December 2016)
  • A Survey of Latency Reducing Techniques and their Merits, Bob Briscoe, Anna Brunstrom, Andreas Petlund, David Hayes, David Ros, Ing-Jyh Tsang, Stein Gjessing, Gorry Fairhurst, Carsten Griwodz, Michael Welzl, IEEE Comms Surveys & Tutorials (2015)
  • Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Security Problem Statement, Bob Briscoe (Ed), ETSI NFV ISG GS NFV-SEC 001 v1.1.1 (Oct 2014)
  • Pre-Congestion Notification - New QoS Support for Differentiated Services IP Networks, Michael Menth, Bob Briscoe and Tina Tsou, IEEE Communications Magazine 50(3):94--103 (Mar 2012)
  • A Fairer, Faster Internet Protocol, Bob Briscoe, IEEE Spectrum, Dec 2008 pp38-43
  • Flow Rate Fairness: Dismantling a Religion, Bob Briscoe, ACM CCR 37(2) 63--74 (Apr 2007)
  • Metcalfe's Law is Wrong, Bob Briscoe, Andrew Odlyzko & Benjamin Tilly, IEEE Spectrum Jul 2006, 26-31
  • The Implications of Pervasive Computing on Network Design, Bob Briscoe, chapter In: Intelligent Spaces, Computer Communications and Networks Vol.XVIII Springer Verlag (2006)
  • Policing Congestion Response in an Internetwork using Re-feedback, Bob Briscoe, Arnaud Jacquet, Carla Di Cairano-Gilfedder, Alessandro Salvatori, Andrea Soppera and Martin Koyabe, Proc. ACM SIGCOMM'05, CCR 35(4) (2005)
  • TESLA: Multicast Source Authentication Transform Introduction, Adrian Perrig, Ran Canetti, Dawn Song, Doug Tygar and Bob Briscoe, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 4082 (Jun 2005)
  • MARKS: Zero Side-Effect Multicast Key Management using Arbitrarily Revealed Key Sequences, Bob Briscoe, in Proc 1st Int'l W'kshp on Networked Group Comm'n (NGC'99) LNCS 1736:301--319 (Nov 1999)
  • Nark: Receiver-based Multicast Non-repudiation and Key Management, Bob Briscoe & Ian Fairman, in Proc 1st ACM Conf. on E-Commerce (EC'99) (3-5 Nov 1999)

Jul 2015 - Jul 2017

Simula Research Lab,
Chief Research Scientist

Communications Systems

Dec'15- ...: Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughput: collaborating to research, test, standardize and develop L4S to become the new default Internet service
Nov'15-Dec'15: Simula Research Strategy
Jul'15-Nov'15: RITE. Collaborative project on Reducing Internet Transport Latency.

Jul 2009 - May 2015

BT Technology & Svc Ops, 
Chief Researcher

May 2004 - Jun 2009
BT Group CTO, 
Chief Researcher

Jan 2003 - Apr 2004
BTexact Technologies,
Chief Researcher

Networks & Infrastructure Research

Jan'13-May'15: ETSI Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV). Helped create this industry specification group (ISG) and convened and chaired (Jan-Apr'13) the Security Expert Group.
Jan'13-May'15: Trilogy 2. Collaborative project on compute resource pooling. Led BT team.
Nov'12-May'15: RITE. Collaborative proj. on Reducing Internet Transport Latency. Led BT team.
Jan'12-May'15: IETF coordinator for BT Group.
Apr'11-May'15: Research on applying data centre technology to wide-area comms, esp. low latency and virtualisation incl. total cost of ownership model
Jun'10-Nov'14: IETF Congestion Exposure (ConEx
) w-g. Built over prior 4yrs.
Apr'08-Sep'09: Global Information Infrastructure Commission. Through BT's CTO, Matt Bross, the CxOs of many ICT corporations championed the creation of the IETF ConEx wg to change to the Internet Protocol, based on my research.
Jan'08-Dec'10: Trilogy. BT (P. Eardley & I) initiated and led this consortium to re-architect the Internet.
Jan'08-Dec'10: MIT Communications Futures Programme Interconnection w-g; Co-chair.
Jun'06-Jul'12: IETF Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) w-g: Initiated and led.
Jun'03-'06: Comms Research Network (CRN)
: Initiated and led this MIT-Cambridge academia-industry collaboration.
Jan'03-Mar'10: BT's Future Comms Architecture (FCA) strategic research programme: Initiated and led, focusing on network economics & security.

Dec 2001 - Dec 2003

BTexact Technology,
Research Lab Manager
(>20 staff)
Dec 2000 - Oct 2001
Singleton Tech Grp Leader
Jan 1998 - Nov 2000
Prof'l Tech grade

The Edge Lab

Mar '00 - '03: Qariba. Joint BT / Scientific Generics venture incubating a start-up for bandwidth mgm't products, which BT used in its broadband service.
Jan '00 - Mar '02: Technical Director, M3I. Initiated and led consortium developing and validating a "Market Managed Multi-service Internet" (M3I).
'97-'03: Internet quality-based charging. Research and advice both for BT Group Technical Strategy and BTUK Pricing Strategy.
'97-'03: Internet large-scale multicast applications research. Group security, incl. IETF's multicast stream authentication protocol and the basis of successful Venation start-up.

Dec 1994 - Jan 1998

BT Research,
Information Systems,
Senior Professional grade

Distributed Systems Research

'95-'99 BT's ANSA liaison: Int'l distributed systems research consortium (incl. secondment).
'95-'97: Web and e-commerce infrastructure research. Integration of Web & proprietary object models. Advisor to BT Group Technical Strategy. BT's IETF HTTP/1.1 w-g rep.
'95-'97: Technology and company evaluations co-ordination. Particularly message-bus & e-commerce back-end platforms. 

Apr 1988 - Dec 1994

BT Development,
Technical Services,
Senior Professional grade

Jul 1984 - Mar 1988
Professional grade

Technical Services for BT R&D

Apr 1992 - Dec 1994 Deputy Unit Manager (concurrent)
>100 staff offered technical services to BT's R&D.
Technical Computing Support Mgr (concurrent)

Apr '88-Dec'94: CAE system manager eventually for whole of BT R&D. Migrated 100s of systems & networks to integrated IP-based multi-vendor system with partitioned security.
Design Office Manager (concurrent)

Apr '88-Dec'94: Led electronic product design team, then whole design office (dozen staff)

Special Project Design Engineer Mech'l, Electronic & Optical (p-t CAD sysadmin '87-'88)
Further Education

Oct 1998 - Jun 2009

University College London, PhD (Computer Science, part-time)
Oct 1981 - Jun 1984

Uni Cambridge, MA (Engineering)
Sep 1980 - Jun 1984

BT Student (intro to comms business, technology & theory + degree sponsorship)
Personal Interests
* Morris dancer      
* My wife & I run a medium sized arable farm
* Historical reenactor (C15-16)
* Secretary/trustee of Natural Energy Education charity (1988-2012)

Jul '17
Prof. Olav Lysne
Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
e-mail: olavly,simula.no
Tel +47 951 15 022
Jon Crowcroft, Marconi Professor of Communications Systems,
University of Cambridge, Computer Lab,
e-mail: Jon.Crowcroft,cl.cam.ac.uk
Tel +44 (0)1223 763633